Latest News – System Reimagining


METRO’s Transit System Reimagining project is taking a fresh look at the METRO bus network and how it can best meet the goals for transit in our region. Explore this website and check back often for project updates, ways to share your opinion, and additional information! See below for the latest project developments.

“METRO board members have taken a crucial first step in the transit agency’s efforts to ‘reimagine’ Houston’s bus system. It’s all part of an effort to boost sagging ridership by providing quicker service.

METRO board members have now come up with preliminary numbers on how to allocate public resources, as it balances how to increase ridership, and how to give maximum coverage to existing riders.”

-KUHF, November 21, 2013

The Draft 5-Year Transit System Plan is currently in development, based on the direction set by the METRO Board of Directors at their November meeting. For the purposes of developing the draft plan, the Board has chosen to devote 80% of local bus resources to the goal of maximum ridership and the remainder to the goal of maximum coverage of existing riders. The draft plan will also take into account over 2,000 responses to the online survey, which was open from August to November, as well as direction from the Stakeholder Task Force. The Draft Transit System Plan will be available for public comment and input in April, 2014.

For documents, presentations, and videos related to the project, check out the Documents page.  This page includes all of the presentations that were made to the Stakeholder Task Force as well as the most recent METRO Board presentations that supported their guidance on the system’s design.

To stay engaged with what the media and others are saying about the project, visit the  Project Buzz page.